"This is the family I grew up with. They know me and accept me as I am. I enjoy the company and fellowship we share each Sunday, and look forward to that time spent together." C.J.C.

"When I needed a family, this church was there for me." S.H.

"My extended family; loving and caring." C.K.

"At North Hartland Community Church I have found God's love and acceptance in His people." J.A.

"I look forward to joining our little church family each Sunday morning because the people are friendly and accepting." A.M.

"We were looking for a small, Bible-based church with committed Christians. We found all that along with a loving, warm community at NHCC." E.C.& E.W.H.

"God be praised for my family in the North Hartland fellowship." S.S.

"We have such a loving congregation and hear the Word of God. We feel that His presence is with us." H.W.

"I always feel I am with family, and I know I will hear a message from God that seems to put the cap on what I have learned in my devotion time each week. I enjoy the fellowship with other believers." J.C.

"I appreciate how our elders and other gifted men in our congregation teach and preach God's Word." B.M.

"I chose NHCC because of the friendship." N.D.

"Wonderful place to be with God's people." J.L.

"The church is near to me and the Lord." R.H.

"My wife and I were introduced to North Hartland Community Church in the summer of 2008, when twice I had the opportunity to preach at the church. We fell in love with the church and the people. Everyone was so welcoming and loving. Right after preaching at the church, I began pastoring a small church in northern Vermont. But my wife and I never lost our love for North Hartland. So when my health took a downturn and traveling up to northern Vermont became too difficult for me and I had to resign, there was no question in our minds as to where we would fellowship. Once again the people at North Hartland Community Church welcomed us with open and loving arms, and immediately made us feel right at home and part of the family." E.&M.O